These example Terms and Conditions will form part of your Agreement with us should you apply for and be accepted for a Personal/Business Loan with us. You will enter a Consumer Credit Agreement regulated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and a Loan Agreement (comprising an agreement between you and us and including these terms and conditions) will be sent to you for signature following your successful application.
1. Payments:

Your payments You agree to pay us the Total Amount Payable for the Personal Loan shown in this Agreement,By the monthly installments shown and on the dates shown or on other dates we may notify to you having regard to what is convenient to you. The monthly installments must be paid to First Global Capital Group, Inc by Direct Deposit.

2. Application of payments:

(a) The Amount of Credit stated in this Agreement will be paid directly to you by payment either to the account nominated by you or by cheque unless you authorize us to settle an existing loan in accordance with Condition.
(b) Payments received by us under this Agreement will be applied first towards the interest and charges due and then towards repayment of the Amount of Credit stated in this Agreement.

3. Default:

If you underpay or fail to pay any monthly installment within 14 days of its due date or if you breach the terms of this Agreement in some other way, this is what will happen:
(i) The unpaid balance of the Total Amount Payable shown in this Agreement will become due and payable to us and any costs charged by us will become due and payable immediately and will not be subject to the terms of any default notice issued to you.

4. Bankruptcy:

The unpaid balance of the Total Amount Payable shown in this Agreement will become due and payable to us and we shall be entitled to demand payment of such unpaid balance provided that we give you at least seven days’ notice in writing, if any of the following events occurs:
(i) if any sum payable under a judgment obtained by us against you in any court is not paid as ordered by the court and remains unpaid for more than seven days;
(ii) if distress or execution is levied against any of your property (that is, if a bailiff or other officer controls or seizes any of your property following a court order);
(iii) if a bankruptcy order is made against you; or iv) if you enter into any arrangement or composition with your creditors.

5. Personal Information:

The uses of your personal information are set out in the Personal Loan Declaration provided to you when you applied for your loan. Your data may be used in other ways where agreed by you and in very limited circumstances when required by law or where permitted under the Data Protection Act.

6. Settlement:

Settlement of existing accounts If you have indicated that you require us to settle any of your existing credit accounts with us or with other lenders out of your loan, We are authorized to do so and to let you have any balance left.

7. Your installment:

Your monthly installments are made up partly of loan repayments (or capital) and partly of interest. Interest is charged on a day-to-day basis on the outstanding balance of your loan and will be debited to your account at the end of each month.

8. Early settlement:

(a) You have a right to settle this Agreement in full or in part at any time. The relevant details will be sent to you at the appropriate time.
(b) If you wish to repay your loan in part, You must give notice of this intention at the address stated in this Agreement or phone us on +1 (770) 648-1256. You have the option when you repay the loan in part, to reduce the amount of the monthly repayment you make or reduce the term remaining on your loan. If you do not tell us what you wish to do, We will apply any part payment received to the balance with the effect of reducing the term of your loan.

9. Personal Agreement:

(a) You understand that we may refuse to enter into this agreement with you if we reasonably suspect that you have provided us with materially false or misleading information.
(b) If we do enter into this Agreement with you, it is personal to you, and any of your obligations under it may not be transferred by you or mortgaged, charged or used as security by you in any way.
(c) You must notify us of any change of address. If you do not, you must pay to us all of the money that it reasonably costs us to find out your new address.
(d) If we suspect that this agreement is being used in relation to fraud or any other criminal activity we may demand repayment of the outstanding balance payable to us.

10. Transfer by us:

(a) This Agreement and the sums payable by you under this Agreement may be transferred by us at any time (without your consent but not in such a way as to reduce any of your rights) before it ends either to another company in (First Global Capital Group, Inc) or to some other person, firm, company or other organization.
(b) We will give you prior notice in writing should we decide to transfer our rights and obligations under this agreement.

11. Definitions In this Agreement:

(a) the words ‘we’ and ‘us’ mean (First Global Capital Group, Inc) its successors and any person, firm, company or other organization taking a transfer from (First Global Capital Group, Inc) and ‘our’ is to be read accordingly; and
(b) where the context allows, the singular includes the plural and vice versa.
(c) the 'First Global Capital Group, Inc’ means PREMIERE EDGE LENDING SERVICES.

12. Two or more customers:

Where there are two or more of you, your liability under this Agreement is joint and several. This means that you are liable together and also that each of you is separately responsible for performing the obligations of the customer(s) under this Agreement.

13. Set-off:

We may use any money you have with us or any member of the First Global Capital Group, Inc LLC to reduce or repay any amount which has become payable under this Agreement. We will only do this after we have given you a reasonable opportunity to repay us. We may do this without prior notice to you but will always give you notice afterwards.

14. General:

(a) If any term of this Agreement is not capable of being enforced against you, this shall not affect any of the other terms.
(b) Unless other specific legal provisions apply, all communications under this Agreement shall be in English and the sending of any notice or any other document to you by ordinary post to the last address within the United States notified to us in writing shall be sufficient for legal purposes.
(c) Any taxes which apply to you as a result of your entering into this agreement are payable by you.
(d) This agreement is governed by United States law.